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Profile:  Lead Art professional seasoned in the creation of 3d characters and environments. 
Objective: Continuing to work in the real-time gaming field where I can contribute my artistic skills and technical aptitude to quality projects.

Bachelor in Fine Arts / Illustration, Massachusetts College of Art

Concentration in Computer Graphics

Graduated May 1994.
G.P.A. Of 3.8

Work experience - Full time employment:

01/14 to 11/17    
Imangi Studios  4601 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
Built a team of 8 artists to take the 'Temple Run' franchinse to the next level.
Created all new worlds, etc. Visual and gameplay advances that took Temple Run 2 to a new level, topping out at #1 of IOS / Android charts for the start of 2016.
'Game as a service' style agile development driven by metrics with quick turnround for adjustments to best suit players.
Created Temple Run Virtual Reality (TRVR) for Occulas Gear VR.

08/11 to 01/14
Red Storm Entertainment / UbiSoft  2000 CenterGreen Way, suite 300, Cary, NC 27513
Level optimization, character optimization, streaming, culling, shader creation & support for environment artists.

07/10 to 08/11
Junction Point / Disney Interactive Studios  7800 Shoel Creek Blvd, Austin, TX, 78757
Shader creation & development, export pipeline scripts & optimizations, level optimization, effects creation, support for environment artists.

07/01 to 06/10
Emergent Game Technologies (Formally NDL)
 6320 Quadrangle Drive, Suite 200, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517

Tool direction - Designed new interfaces as they came on line, refining the usability of systems. ie, made tools useful.
Creative Director responsible for Gamebryo's demonstrations of game technology.

03/00 to 07/01
Vicious Cycle Software  3005 Carringtn Ml Blvd # 500, Morrisville, NC‎, 27560
Lead artist on 'Robotech-BattleCry' (PS2, Published 9-24-02)

Acted as technical adviser to the art staff as well as art liaison to programming staff.
Lead artist on 'Heroes' (not published.)

10/99 to 03/00

Hasbro Interactive / Microprose
100 Europa drive, suite 400, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Concept sketching, modeling, and texturing alien creatures for 'Xcom Genesis'. A real-time 3d strategy remake of the classic, 'Xcom- UFO Defense'.
My job was to bring the alien side of the game to life.

02/96 to 02/99
(Formerly Virtual Entertainment) 200 Highland Ave, Needham, MA, 01760
Art & Art Direction of the 'Children's Skills Tests' product line. Created all art for 'Children's Skills 4-6', 'Children's Skills Preschool', 'Children's Math Skills 4-6' and 'Children's Skills 7-9'
Worked on all areas - from initial design ideas to compressing the final data ensuring its proper integration into the game's 'Director' based engine.

12/94 to 02/96
Kinetic Arts
251 West Central St. Natick, Ma, 01760
Created background screens and various animations for
'Xanth2', 'Habatatics', 'Shannara', 'Mission Critical' & 'Star Control 3'.
 Worked mostly in DPaint & Ani-Pro with a very talented group of artists headed up by Tanya Issacson, contracting work out from Legend Entertainment.

Work experience – Freelance & Contract work:

03/99 to 10/99
JuniorNet 18 Tremont street, Boston, MA 01754
Created art, concept work & animation for the 'Ranger Rick' section of this Online Multimedia Company. Created and co-designed "The Green Team" and  'Space Golf.' Multiplayer online games with a team of 8 other developers and producers.

11/97 to 03/98
Irrational Games 100 Cambridge Park Drive, Suite 300, Cambridge, Ma. 02140.
Created concept sketches & various object models for 'System Shock 2' publishers demo.
Modeled, textured, and implemented them into Looking Glass's proprietary 'Dark engine' using Alais 8.0.


2011 East Coast Game Conference – Presented Lecture: “Special Effects on the Wii Using R3MT Shaders”
2010 Triangle Game Conference – Presented Lecture: “Practical Direct 3D 11 Tessellation”
2007 to 2009 - Delivered Training - Beijing China, Seoul Korea, CA, NC
2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 - Attendance at Siggraph,
2004 to 2015 - Attendance at Game Developers Conference

Software Media Expertise:
3d Studio Max, Zbrush, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer, Modo etc.  
Python, Mel scripting, Visual Studio (at least how to compile. :)
HLSL Shader development, R3MT Shaders (Wii)

Platform Experience:
Directx 7-12,Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Ps2, GameCube , various handhelds
Ipad, Iphone and Android devices
Pix, Gpad, various performance profilers
for CPU and GPU analysis

Engine Experience:
UDK 3,4, Unity 4,5, UbiSoft’s 'Yeti' engine, 'Rouge' engine,Unity, Junction Point’s 'MouseTrap' engine, Emergent’s 'Gamebryo', Nvida 'PhysX / Apex', 
VCS’s 'Vicious Engine' (v.1.08), LookingGlass's 'Dark engine', NDL's 'Hurricane3D' engine, id's Quake 1 &, Quake 2

Linked in profile & references here.

Additional references are available upon request.
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