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Profile:  Lead Art professional seasoned in the creation of 3d characters and environments. 
Objective: Contributing my artistic skills and technical aptitude to quality projects to make the most immersive experiences possible.

Bachelor in Fine Arts / Illustration, Massachusetts College of Art

Concentration in Computer Graphics

Graduated May 1994.
G.P.A. Of 3.8

Work experience - Full time employment:

01/14 to 11/17    
Imangi Studios4601 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
Art direction - Built a team of 6 artists to take the 'Temple Run' franchise to the next level.
Created all new worlds, etc. Visual and gameplay advances that took Temple Run 2 to a new level, topping out at #1 of IOS / Android charts for the start of 2016.
'Games as a service' style agile development driven by metrics with quick turnaround for adjustments to best suit players.
Created Temple Run Virtual Reality (TRVR) for Occulas Gear VR.
Directed multiple outsourcing agencies and artists in creation of assets as well as in-house staff.

08/11 to 01/14
Red Storm Entertainment / UbiSoft2000 CenterGreen Way, suite 300, Cary, NC 27513
Level optimization, character optimization, streaming, culling, shader creation & support for environment artists.

07/10 to 08/11
Junction Point / Disney Interactive Studios  7800 Shoel Creek Blvd, Austin, TX, 78757
Shader creation & development, export pipeline scripts & optimizations, level optimization, effects creation, support for environment artists.

07/01 to 06/10
Emergent Game Technologies (Formally NDL)
 6320 Quadrangle Drive, Suite 200, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517

Tool direction - Designed new interfaces as they came on line, refining the usability of systems. ie, made tools useful.
Creative Director responsible for Gamebryo's demonstrations of game technology.

03/00 to 07/01
Vicious Cycle Software  3005 Carringtn Ml Blvd # 500, Morrisville, NC‎, 27560
Lead artist on 'Robotech-BattleCry' (PS2, Published 9-24-02)

Acted as technical adviser to the art staff as well as art liaison to programming staff.
Lead artist on 'Heroes' (not published.)

10/99 to 03/00

Hasbro Interactive / Microprose
100 Europa drive, suite 400, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Concept sketching, modeling, and texturing alien creatures for 'Xcom Genesis'. A real-time 3d strategy remake of the classic, 'Xcom- UFO Defense'.
My job was to bring the alien side of the game to life.

02/96 to 02/99
(Formerly Virtual Entertainment) 200 Highland Ave, Needham, MA, 01760
Art & Art Direction of the 'Children's Skills Tests' product line. Created all art for 'Children's Skills 4-6', 'Children's Skills Preschool', 'Children's Math Skills 4-6' and 'Children's Skills 7-9'
Worked on all areas - from initial design ideas to compressing the final data ensuring its proper integration into the game's 'Director' based engine.

12/94 to 02/96
Kinetic Arts
251 West Central St. Natick, Ma, 01760
Created background screens and various animations for
'Xanth2', 'Habatatics', 'Shannara', 'Mission Critical' & 'Star Control 3'.
 Worked mostly in DPaint & Ani-Pro with a very talented group of artists headed up by Tanya Issacson, contracting work out from Legend Entertainment.

Work experience – Freelance & Contract work:

03/99 to 10/99
JuniorNet 18 Tremont street, Boston, MA 01754
Created art, concept work & animation for the 'Ranger Rick' section of this Online Multimedia Company. Created and co-designed "The Green Team" and  'Space Golf.' Multiplayer online games with a team of 8 other developers and producers.

11/97 to 03/98
Irrational Games 100 Cambridge Park Drive, Suite 300, Cambridge, Ma. 02140.
Created concept sketches & various object models for 'System Shock 2' publishers demo.
Modeled, textured, and implemented them into Looking Glass's proprietary 'Dark engine' using Alais 8.0.


2011 East Coast Game Conference – Presented Lecture: “Special Effects on the Wii Using R3MT Shaders”
2010 Triangle Game Conference – Presented Lecture: “Practical Direct 3D 11 Tessellation”
2007 to 2009 - Delivered Training - Beijing China, Seoul Korea, CA, NC
2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 - Attendance at Siggraph,
2004 to 2015 - Attendance at Game Developers Conference

Software Media Expertise:
3d Studio Max, Zbrush, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer, Modo etc.  
Python, Mel scripting, Visual Studio (at least how to compile. :)
HLSL Shader development, R3MT Shaders (Wii)

Platform Experience:
Directx 7-12,Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Ps2, GameCube , various handhelds
Ipad, Iphone and Android devices
Pix, Gpad, various performance profilers
for CPU and GPU analysis

Engine Experience:
UDK 3,4, Unity 4,5, UbiSoft’s 'Yeti' engine, 'Rouge' engine,Unity, Junction Point’s 'MouseTrap' engine, Emergent’s 'Gamebryo', Nvida 'PhysX / Apex', 
VCS’s 'Vicious Engine' (v.1.08), LookingGlass's 'Dark engine', NDL's 'Hurricane3D' engine, id's Quake 1 &, Quake 2

Linked in profile & references here.

Additional references are available upon request.
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