Shooting zombies and saving a space station

By Spencer . February 21, 2008 . 7:49am


Down in the North Hall booth crawl I found a light gun game called Forbidden Terror on Space Station Z. I wasn’t aware of the title and probably for good reason. Emergent Technologies developed the “game” with a team of four people as a tech demo. The tech demo was on three four platforms, but I rushed to try the Wii version since it was a light gun game.


Two players share a life bar, but since no one else seemed interested in it I got to play the game John Woo style. Like any other light gun game, you point and shoot. More specifically shoot zombies. One or two appear on the screen at a time and not all of them are House of the Dead hostile. When I stopped firing to shake the pistols and reload a plump zombie grabbed his loose intestines and flapped them around. Amusing.


For a demo this was actually pretty entertaining so I asked if they considered releasing this as a WiiWare game. The response I got was, “we might be able to work something out with a salesman.”


Correction: As pointed in the comments, a PC version I wasn't aware of was on the show floor.

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7 Responses to “Shooting zombies and saving a space station”

TacoBeaver Says:

but this looks like the futuristic version of Resident Evil…

Adam Says:

Zombies? Space Station? Shooting?


Gringo 2K8 Says:

Looking forward to this :)

Need a Euro date for WiiWare 1st, though…

Adam Says:

> The tech demo was on three platforms

Actually, it’s on 4 platforms (Wii, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360) on the show floor.

We started the project in-house as a Gamebryo Wii demo two months ago, decided to add PC a month ago, then decided to add PS3 and Xbox 360 roughly 2.5-3 weeks ago. Initial porting for each of those platforms was about a day a piece.

So … less than two weeks to get this tech demo running on four platforms, and catering to each.

Yeah, I’m really proud of the guys for that.

Adam Says:

> So … less than two weeks to get this tech demo running on four platforms, and catering to each.

Whoops — meant “less than two _months_ to get this tech demo running on four platforms”.

Spencer Says:

@Adam - Hey Adam thanks for the correction and nice to see you around these parts. I didn’t notice the game in the pods was the same thing. It was a really fun demo to play around with. Congrats to you and the team for the good work.

OneechanbaraR Says:

Needs to be on wiiware.

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