- Wii -   Forbiddin Torror on Station Z ! (Zombie On Rails Shooter In Space or Zorsis)

Game Design and Art Direction by Jeremiah Washburn
Level, Environment Models, Textures & Animation by Jeremiah Washburn

Production and Sound Design by Adam Creighton
Additional Game Design by Adam Creighton

Zombie Models, Textures & Animation contracted out to Shadows in Darkness (S.I.D.)
Programming by Joel Bartly, Brad Mott, Paul Mclaurin

Tools: Gamebryo 2.3, 3dsMax 9, Zbrush 3 & Photoshop CS3
Project: GDC 2008 demo / Client: EGT (Emergent Game Technologies)
(Project was completed in two and a half  months from conception to GDC show flow.)
The press releases are entertaining...

- In Game Screen Shots (Wii) -

- Level Layout with old schol Portal setup for Occlusion-




- Gameplay  - ( has sound ) -

-  Static lighting texture & UV packing  -

- In Game Screen Shots (PC) -


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