2008     - Wii, PC -    Forbiddin Torror on Station Z ! (Zombie On Rails Shooter In Space or Zorsis)
Link to Download the game and play on PC is here
Game Direction and Art Direction  by Jeremiah Washburn
Level, Environment Models, Textures & Animation by Jeremiah Washburn
Production and Sound Design by Adam Creighton
Zombie Models, Textures & Animation contracted out to Shadows in Darkness (S.I.D.)
Programming by Joel Bartly, Brad Mott, Paul Mclaurin

Tools: Gamebryo 2.3, 3dsMax 9, Zbrush 3 & Photoshop CS3
Project: GDC 2008 demo / Client: EGT (Emergent Game Technologies)
(Project was completed in two and a half  months from conception to GDC show flow.)

The press releases are entertaining...
- In Game Screen Shots (Wii) -

- Level Layout with Portals-

- Gameplay (PC)  - ( has sound ) -

-  Static lighting texture & UV packing  -

- In Game Screen Shots (PC) -


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