Temple Run VR:

Temple Run VR was created for Samsung Galaxy 6 "Gear VR" headsets targeted for launch of Gear VR in 2015

Art: Jeremiah Washburn, Helen Lee, Robert Rose
Programming: Brian Lhota, Jessie Agee, Brian Kisby

Temple Run VR


Temple Run - Iphone, Android (Tablets & Phones)

World and Enviornment Creation:

Jeremiah Washburn (Art Direction, Lighting,)
Lillian Matuszek, Dennis Bruber, Justine Hamer, Xi Chen (Env. Modeling, Textures)
Helen Lee, (Character Rigging & Animation)

Lost Jungle:

Lost Jungle



Blazing Sands:

Blazing Sands



Frozen Shadows:

Frozen Shadows


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