2013    - PS3, 360, PC -   RockSmith 2014

- Tone driven ring-waves, Oscillator (3d sound wave tunnel), burning amps FX
- Portal FX that joines the players 'loft' and the 'concert' via two render targets
- Technical design and direction or various systems like the lighting state system, post effect system, etc
- Fixed any arising issues the environment artists were having and general art maintenance and pipeline workflow

Other artwork contributed by:

Amps and Gear created by JD Cragg and Michael Climer.
Background loft created by Marc Campbell and Steve Coyle.
Note-way (fret) and Strings created by Andy Littleton.

Portal Effect:

"Your living room wall dissolves away and a stadium of your imagination is reviled from behind."


Sound waves and the Oscillator Effects:

Input sound was converted into a series of variables that determined the look of the waves generated by the amps.
Frequency / tone was represented by the leangth of the wave. ( How many waves went around each ring. )

For example, you can see top left wave expression has a higher tone than top right. (those should be animating .gif's below)
Fuzz, distortion and other pedel effects were represented by the line quality of the wave.

Shaders were all hand coded in .hlsl


The overall tone from base to treble was also represented by color as seen below.
Lower tones tended to the blue while higher are lighter colors.

4 different textures blended into the line used to make the wave form look depending on pedal settings.
Plasma effects bleed from the amps when the player is doing well. The better the player does the more the amp burns up.

1 min. video of the finished product:



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