Bird Drop- iOS and Android - Mobile Game
Game Design, Models, Textures, Animation & Sound by Jeremiah Washburn
Game Design, Programming & UI by Scott Sherman
Tools: Unity, 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop

Bird Drop Trailer Video:


Concurrents - "Parabolis City" - GDC 2022 Demonstration of  Streaming Technology
Level placement, Lighting, Particles, Cinematics, Level Optimization by Jeremiah Washburn
Creature A.I. by Brian Lhota
Base Assets- City pieces, character & creature brought from Unreal Store and modified for use
Tools: UE4, 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop, Substance Designer


Cinematic Sequence




LAMO The Game - PC platform - (No art creation, just optimization.)
Character, FX and Level Optimization by Jeremiah Washburn - (No art creation, just optimization.)
Memory optimization and pooling systems by Scott Sherman and Brian Lhota.

Most of my work was automating a system to dynamically create a series of texture atlas's that would reduce draw counts from all the props in the world while still keeping things dynamic.
Also did tons of FX optimizations. Re-did character rigs, facial expression rigs, and implemented level-of-detail for characters.
Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Custom Tools & scripts.

Thumbnail Example of Auto-created Atlas's that combined all items in the scene into 3 atlas sets. This was done daily so artists could continue to experiment on object creation without having to mess with texture optimzation.




- LAMO Screenshots - (This is not my art, just optimization)




iOS Unannounced titles - Sunblink Entertainment  - Shader and FX
Shader and textures by Jeremiah Washburn

Water Shader Graph:




Video of Water Shader:



Stylized Water with Othographic viewport - Only water is my art:

Ground Fog and Volume Fog effects:


Risk of Rain 2 - Port to Switch from PC
Character, FX and Level Optimization by Jeremiah Washburn - (No art creation, just optimization.)

2 of the 50 unique players, enemies and bosses in the game, optimzed for Switch:



Optimzation of 32 levels (mostly vertex reductions)

Enviroment and Prop optimazations for 32 levels




Screenshots from Switch Port