-PS3, 360, PC-     Lenguins on Ice
Game Design and Art by Jeremiah Washburn
Programming by Matt Baily

Project: Ageia Physics Demonstration / Client: EGT
Exploring physics by wacking hapless birds with giant icecubes.

- In Game Screen Shots -

    With PhysX collision shapes visable

    -GameCube-     Game Prototype and Pitch
Game Design by Jeremiah Washburn, Chad Robertson and Travis Pease
Art by Jeremiah Washburn
Programming by Chad Robertson
Additinal Programming by Edd Holzwarth and Scott Sherman

Project: Full Game design and 1 Game compete level for a publisher pitch aimed at PS2 and GameCube. / Client: NDL Studios 

- Concept sketches -
Baby Stacking

Baby Tossing

Preditor, Walapulusa with fish-lure storybord


-In Engine shots of the Walapoolusa-




-Model Shots of the Baby Lenguin-

Basic Animation Set, Idle, walk, run, stunned, jump, die, being carried, etc.


Model shot of playable level:

-In game screenshots of playable level in Lenguins, running on PS2  &  GameCube-


Video capture of 2 player co-op play on Nintendo Gamecube:


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