2012    - PS3, 360, PC -    Ghost Recon : Future Soldier
Tools: Yeti (inhouse engine), 3dsMax2010 & Photoshop CS4
Please note that none of the art directly below on this page is mine.
I just helped make it run and look good!

Work on GRFS:

Character Pipeline:
Character export, Character performance tuning, streaming settings, LOD system, Swappable parts (heads, gear) and attachments points for weapons, etc.

About a month after I entered in on the project, our tech artist for the character team left.
I took over the systems he initially implemented and created additional systems and optimizations such as the LOD system for meshes,
shader improvements and fixing crazy things like when the heads of the characters suddenly all disappeared...
Also maintained memory management of body meshes with multiple head and texture variations.





Visual Effects:
Maintaining performance fillrate and overdraw issues, setting up skyboxes to work with the environment, profiling particle systems and maintaining effects memory and performance.


Performance and Memory Testing:
What happens when you get 16 guys together and all set off granades at once? etc...



Level Optimization:
Beyond that I was responsable for 4 of the games 10 shipped maps and 1 of the 3 maps that shipped in each DLC pack.
Level work mostly consisted of optimizations for memory and performance.
Getting the level to look great while running at 30fps with a firefight going on, and getting a whole large level to fit into memory and stream performantly was the main concern.



Some level optimization areas included:
Design Feedback and advice from start to finish of level design.
Setting streaming, in most cases manually to optimize texture memory with location.
Manually sectoring each level in into different zones depending on visibility & setting distance coefficients.
Unifying and optimizing shaders, reducing object draw count and unifying set pieces to load spatially.

And lots of random stuff, like making the impact decals light correctly with SH, getting alpha issues sorted, etc.




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