2010    - Wii -   Epic Mickey
Tools: Gamebryo 2.6, MouseTrap, Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3
Technical Artist on Epic Mickey (1 of 3 T.A.s)  - my work comprised mostly of:

Example of some shaders & materials created:
NOTE: Models & diffuse textures are NOT mine, not all effects in the following video are mine.
All movies on this page captured from Wii hardware.




The Nintendo Wii has a unique semi-fixed function pipeline that allowes for some specific modifications that can be twisted into good art.
Most shaders were generated in this Nintendo developer tool, and then the code was further optimized from what this would generate.

Example of some 'Thinner' effects: (the green goey stuff)       - All movies on this page captured from Wii hardware -




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