2010    - Wii -   Epic Mickey
Tools: Gamebryo 2.6, MouseTrap, Maya 2008 & Photoshop CS3
Technical Artist on Epic Mickey (1 of 3 T.A.s)  - my work comprised mostly of:

Example of some Shaders & materials I created:
NOTE: Models & diffuse textures are not mine.
Just shaders, effects, material settings, gloss maps & env maps
All movies on this page captured from Wii hardware.




The Nintendo Wii has unique "fixed function pipeline" that allowed a few modifications.
Most shaders were generated in a tool this Nintendo developer tool, and then the text was further optimized from what this would generate.

Example of some 'Thinner' effects: (the green goey stuff)       - All movies on this page captured from Wii hardware -









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